Duane and Clare Ann's
Life in California 2009

also starring granddaughter Ashlynn and others

January 2009 in pictures

January-July 2009

This set of 98 pictures goes from skiing, through birthdays and school
activities, to several backpacking trips, ending the middle of July when
we went to manage Lakeview Cottages on Huntington Lake. Those
pictures can be found on Duane's or Lakeview Cottages' Facebook pages.

August 10-19, 2009 Mt. Whitney backpack trip

Duane and Clare Ann hiked across the Sierra from Horse Corral Meadow
over the top of Mt. Whitney and down the other side 35 years ago. This trip
we went in on the east side at Horseshoe Meadow and hiked a loop around and
over the top, exiting through Whitney Portal. The trail was harder and the
air thinner this time. The 231 photos below are too many, unless like us before
the trip you are searching the web to see what you will be up against.

From Mt. Whitney to the end of the year

Hike to Sentinel Dome and Taft Point from Glacier Point in Yosemite. Yosemite Valley loop hike. Basketball, Thanksgiving, Christmas.

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